Why College is important and it is not your major By Bryan Adamson, edited by Lauren Boyer

Now I realized just the title alone are enough to roll the eyes and cause some mouths to drop. I feel the necessity of this article deserves to be written after the article about the diminishing college degree that was written by the Wall Street Journal in the Weekend Report of June 23 rd , 2012. We all understand that there are over fifty percent of graduates that are having a hard time finding the job that they want. After graduating by the start of the greatest recession our generation has seen, and being fully employed the past four years. I decided that I needed to share this information with recent graduates and current students. The most important part of your college education will be socializing and partying, learning how to live with people and learning to make your own decisions. This, I find in my view has been the most important piece in my development in life. The first day alone I felt I was turned upside down, spun around and didn’t know where I was going to land. Oh wait, my 6’5 roommate actually did that to me, just kidding. Being away from college takes you away from your comfort zone and require you to adapt to your surroundings. A true story that happened to me, my freshman roommate hated me during the first semester in college and now this guy calls me his best friend after eight years. He would probably still tell you that he hates me a little but beside the point. We both had to adapt and we certainly did it together. I think commuters are at a severe advantage when they graduate because they don’t socialize or meet new people. Commuters also missed out on being forced to live with someone which is so hard to do but you change so much to accommodate the other person. They also miss out on four years of adapting, something that should be a crucial skill to succeed in the workforce. I do agree that commuting is less expensive but I think the extra money is well worth it. College is where you develop your personality; (Believe me, if you got to know me and then met my family, you would have thought I was adopted.) you start thinking about where you want your life to go and start making decisions without your parent’s input. College living immerses you into different points of views from all aspects of life. My advice to graduates of 2012 is to go to college, do all of the activities you want to do on campus and off-campus, enjoy yourself as much as you can, make longtime friends, party and this will be the best part of paying back those darn student loans because you know that your life and personality has compounded positively. No matter where you go, effective communication is the best skill you can have and where else to start practicing then in college with roommates and a red solo cup. Sincerely, York College Graduate of 2008


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