About me


This is me now, I used to be eighty pounds heavier and I had a 46 size waist, now I am at 34. Read below to get inspired.

Born hard of hearing, wasn’t diagnosed until age 6 because I passed two hearing exams by lip reading alone.

Although I was born with an 85% hearing loss in both ears, I was determined to and did play sports all through childhood

Although I was always told I could never attend a regular educational institute, I went to York College of Pennsylvania, studied business and finance, played baseball and rugby

Although I was always told that I would have to take a job that didn’t require a lot of interaction with others I worked at Sovereign Bank as a teller while I was going to school – became #2 in the nation in generating sales, I asked for training to become a licensed banker and although I was told I couldn’t make phone calls because they did not have the technology to help me do my job, I persevered and found a new employer who would accommodate my drive to be on the phones.

Although no one was hiring in 2008, I went out on my own and became an independent financial advisor at Waddell and Reed. I paid for my licenses which was my life savings at the time, I didn’t know anybody but was determined to get out there, network, and performed under uncomfortable conditions, things like talking to people in loud rooms.
My fortitude paid off and I got recruited by Merrill Lynch in 2011 which I have come to believe is the best company in my Industry.

Although life threw me challenges that would have the average person quit, I made myself a success against all odds and even prefer helping others through various motivational speaking engagements. I would welcome doing so for you, your team, and/or your organization. I promise that you will walk away wanting to become a better person.

I have accepted my life’s challenges, used them to better me, and I am now giving back to my community by being involved with several non-profits.


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