How to tackle your fear

Sprint as fast as you can. Don’t think, just do. Get low, get dirty, get angry and get motivated.

So many people that I get to know eventually find out that I did a marathon. The response that I always hear in some form is “oh my god, I can’t believe you did one!! I have always wanted to do one but I can’t.”

I am telling you that you can. If you look in the record books, there is a guy who was 400+ pounds that did in over eight hours.

Here are the steps:

Challenge yourself
Sign up
Pay for it
Show up
Never give up
Then don’t stop talking about it after you completed your goal because it was ONE of the best moments in your life.

Don’t fear the fear. If you want that job promotion or a new girlfriend or a house of your dreams. Go after it, don’t defeat yourself before it happens and keep trying.

Talent isn’t everything, it is your heart and effort that is.

Tackle that fear,



Why do I run?

People ask me why do I run? Why do I do the Spartan races? Why do I do the Tough Mudder? Why do I pay upwards of $200 to torture myself for a day?

I do it to relieve the world of hurt I have experienced in the past year.

I do it because it enables me while I am runnig to think that there is nothing wrong with me.

I do it so I don’t do anything else that people do to relieve stress – drugs, sex, or work, eating.

I do it to make myself feel better

I put myself in a class of limited people which makes me feel better. There were only 10,000 people that did a Spartan Race in New Jersey, only one third of the registrants completed the race on Saturday. I was one of them.

I understand there may be more people that are healthier than me but I have achieved more, i have completed more races. I have done what people and friends thought was inpossible. It is like going to Harvard but not starting a business that changes the world.

I do it for change

I do it to make myself get out of my comfort zone, to be different, to not be just disabled but to be like the others that are on the course.

I do it to forget about my disability.

I do it because I get to take my hearing aids out and soak in what my eyes can see. The Spartan Races put you at the top of the mountain and it makes you feel so great knowing that you climbed up that high.

I do it to make myself think once again that there is nothing wrong with me, that everything is going to be okay. Running wipes the slate clean for me. It frees my mind.

I do it so I can get the negative voices or the demons as I call them out of my head for four hours.

I do it so I can find more ways to push myself even further.

I do it to make myself smile, there is not a single picture of me not smiling throughout the race even though I am in substantial pain.

I do it so I can believe in myself again, a couple of years ago I lost my mojo, I lost my happiness, I lost my will to be successful.

I have my mojo back now and I find it unfortunate that other people chose not to use it to make themselves feel better like I have.

People say you must love running and I laugh. I tell them the story that I never ran a mile until college with my freshman roommates. I saw right then and there how badly out of shape I really was. I played college baseball and running was my least favorite part. I played rugby, a game that requires 80 minutes of running and I hated it, I just wanted the ball so I could hit people. Three years after college in 2011, I could barely run a mile and I struggled to get to where I am today as well as where I could be on October 13th when I complete my first marathon. It is not the running that is hard, it is the habit that you have to forced onto yourself after being comfortable or set in your ways. It is the pushing yourself to the limits, it is experiencing that chance of failure and being happy by getting so close to failure but then exerting every last bit of energy that you have to jump over the obstacle at the last minute.

That’s why I run. I run with a purpose, to make myself better, to make myself be myself again and to put myself in the position where it is okay to be hurt again because you are trying.

Bryan Adamson


Top Ten Things I want to achieve by 37

Top Ten Things I want to achieve by 37

By: Bryan Adamson Owner of Motivate2Advance

“Your goals need to stretch you, push you to go farther & faster than you ever thought possible.”

-Darren Hardy

“All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”

– Brian Tracy: is a self-help author and motivational speaker

Thanks to a blog written by Jason Konopinski and to a book I recently read, “What do you want to do before you die?” The book is based on the MTV Show called “The Buried Life.” I originally wrote this essay to talk about things that I want to do before I die but as I was writing this, I realized that all of the things that I describing, to myself and to you, my audience what I would like to do are things I want to accomplish before I am forty. I have always liked setting goals for myself, even the ones that I crashed and burned on. I am still disappointed that my 83 mile per hour fastball and turtle speed didn’t make it to professional baseball but if I didn’t make this my goal at one point in my life, there was probably no chance that I would have even gone to college. Playing college baseball was the sole reason alone as to why I wanted to go and in doing so, the situation completely changed my life. I met wonderful people and experienced awesome life events, even the ones that I don’t remember. My only wish that I would like to make besides you reading this and helping me is that you take the time to write your own list as well. Some of the items on this list are pretty far out there; most of them are certainly attainable if I put my mind to it. I am taking the first step by writing them down and sharing it with you.

Get into a top five MBA school -Harvard is my top choice, you may be asking why I want to attempt to do this? Well, I love to learn and unfortunately even given my slew of accomplishments, I feel that I still don’t get the respect for the success I have created and I am always looking to improve my current self. I think going to Harvard when a lot of people didn’t expect me to go to college would be a great accomplishment in my life.

Change the way management is done -especially on the bigger company scale (Become the first CMO in a company) There is not enough teaching; mentoring and they often have too many other responsibilities like managing their own book of business. Being in the financial advising field, I have seen every young person fail, especially myself. Even though I am with the largest financial service company in the nation and I have good training, I don’t have great training. There should be a CMO – Chief Mentor office, in all companies and they should focus solely upon improving the lives of their cherished co-workers and motivating them to be the best. Athletics teams are the strongest competitors but they still have coaches. We don’t have coaches in the business world and I find that a sad realization. Every manager that is out there today has to work on their own book of business or their own sales.

Become a leading consultant in the field of motivational coaching and management and becoming a coveted speaker in the motivational field. This has to deal with a lot in wanting to inspire others to be great, to be better than the status quo. During my childhood years, my parents and I were told that I won’t be able to go to regular school, I won’t be able to go to college, I won’t be able to work and that I will be staying at my parent’s house for the rest of my life living on Government benefits. There are so many of us that come from bad living environments and are expected to not be successful, to live in the bubble of failure. I want to go around and share my story, to show people that you can do what you want, along as you put your mind to it. Write/publish a book – Sharing my story would be great. I know that by people reading it, it will help change their lives. I also would like to write a self-help, inspirational book with the help of others. My main theme would be how to overcome obstacles we can see and how to overcome obstacles that we can’t see.

Physical goals

For those of you that are my blog readers, you know the story already but for those of you, that are not. After I gave baseball and fully focused on playing rugby, going to school and drinking as much as I could, I became a very unhealthy person. Four years out of college, I stepped on the scale at 250+. I am making the observation that after training all of my life for athletics, I didn’t have any motivation to work out any more. Times have changed and I feel so much better now. Here are my next goals that inspire me every day to work out.

Complete a Marathon, my goal is to do the Rockaway Beach event in November. I still remember the conversation I had with my best friend that there was no way we could ever do a half.

Complete the Spartan race Trifecta in one year – it requires a sprint (3+miles), a super (8+) and a beast (12+) Finish top 100 in a Spartan sprint, I finished this year 2700 out of 7500, I have a long way to go I would like to attempt an Iron Man triathlon (I need crazy ridiculous goals to make me happy in life, this is one of them.) Especially since I have only rode a bike a handful of times in my life and I am not very good at it and also, the swimming part? I don’t swim, I sink. I am sure sharks would find me quite tasty. Cross fit competition Write an article to Men’s Health Management – I want to share my story about my weight loss, appear on cover My dream body is to be 185 lbs with 10-12% body fat. Play a Professional Kronum game

Travel to destinations

I have been up and down the East Coast; even so I haven’t been to everything that I want to see. I would like to go to Myrtle Beach, OBX, and actually enjoy Florida instead of playing baseball the whole time. You may laugh at this but I have only been as far west as Cleveland, OH. Needless to say, I have quite a few places I need to explore in my own country! Disney World is at the top of my list. I am still completely jealous over the fact that my brother went when he was seven years old even though all he did was ride around in tea cups the whole time. We were supposed to go on this trip two years ago but it never happened. New Hampshire with the Maxims – I have been invited twice but was unable to go due to money and the fact that my girlfriend at the time started school Cross Country Trip in an RV visiting baseball stadiums with my best friends Dennis, Fulton, Myers, Zoltowski, Lihotz, and I would like to include my crazy brothers in this trip as well. The more, the merrier so if you want in, let me know. I am going to start planning this bad ass trip soon Cruise with a girlfriend with the Maxims before they have a baby- This has to happen soon. I don’t know what I am going to do without my crazy drinking best friends of a couple when they have a baby, I am certain my life is going to change as well. Fill up my passport, wherever and whenever I would like to take my grandmother to Poland one last time. That lady is getting old and I am not sure if I can handle a certain amount hours with her on the plane but I do want to see her family as well as where she grew up. She talks about her slave labor on the farm all of the time and how we have it easy here. Sky diving – I had dreams since I was six about flying around in my own house, enough said Give a best man speech – I have always wanted to give a speech worthy of tears and laughter at the same time. It would be a privilege to do this for someone.

Financial goals

Be debt free, I know that living in your early twenties and thirties leads to this being very hard to accomplish but I am getting tired of owning money to companies. It would be nice to be financially independent and I am looking forward to those days. I know this is a long string and I am only added to the complexity of it by creating more debt (i.e. house, MBA, second home) Buy a house – (something is both motivating and disturbing to me, I love my uncle’s house – sad thing is most of his kids were old by the time they brought it and I feel they never got the chance to enjoy it. My parent’s house is what scares me, they always seem to have problems, and they always trying to fix it. Buy a beach house

Development goals

I always wanted to send a casting video to Real World (since I was about 17) or the Bachelor, again accomplishing the role of being the first disabled individual on the shows and give me the opportunity to give society a different perspective on the disabled individual. Often times, people are shocked when they first meet me, (Wait, you can talk normally?) I want to get the courage to go to an open mic night and throw a 15 minutes comedic session. I have been working on jokes in the past couple of years and I think my life is pretty funny.

Family Goals

Get Married – I would love to share my life with someone. Call me old school. Kids- This is an extremely touchy subject for me. I know that I am hearing impaired and I know that there is a great chances of my own kids having my disability. But trust me; I don’t want them to have it. I want boys but I know there is a greater chance of them being hearing impaired then having girls. If I have a girl, I will be extremely overprotective and I wouldn’t want to do that to somebody, ha-ha. I want to help my parents by giving them the vacation of their dreams, get them out of their rut, and help them pay their debts off including the ridiculous mortgage they have. I am a little selfish when it comes to this but I don’t want my younger brother Nicholas to go to the marines to be a sniper – something he has talked about since he was in kindergarten. I want him to go to a great college and to have a blast while not worrying about money to spend on stuff that he needs.

Charitable goals

Start up a school, (there are a lot of things that could be improved or changed and I hate especially since I have so many teacher friends that are so miserable when it comes to debates about our education system. I feel I know more about your pain than the average population which seems to do the most complaining because of taxes. “We can change whatever we want out of our education but until we change the accountability of parents to make their kids learn, we will never be better.” Start a non-profit foundation/mentoring program to help disabled kids who are want to be put in regular education and want to make something of themselves.

In conclusion, I hope you found this article motivating and that you want to draw up your own special blueprint for the next ten years. I hope to see you in ten years with everything on here crossed off in red ink because I accomplished them. This list is not set in stone and is not meant to be. I want this list to grow and you have any suggestions that I should add something, please let me know.

Please email your list if you do so at

My Spartan race journey, why everyone should try it once.

STFU (Spartan The Fuck up!) By: Bryan Adamson For those of you that don’t know my story, I will summarize it for you in a few sentences. October of 2011, I was 5’7, 260 lbs and absolutely miserable. As of the writing of this article Sunday July 15, 2012, I am now 206 lbs. In a period of nine months, I have lost 54 pounds, ran three 5K’s, a Tough Mudder, a half marathon and as of yesterday the Spartan Sprint Race. A feat I did not think was possible last year. A big thank you to those friends who have supported and encouraged me to sign up for the races with them, you know who you are! “Keep going Bryan, you will move mountains before you know it.” – Maureen Kane Now for those of you who have not heard of the Spartan races, here is the website’s definition. We are an international obstacle racing series with three levels of courses: 3 mile sprints, 8 mile Olympic (Supers) and 10 -12 mile Ultras (Beast) where you will run, jump and crawl your way over a dozen or more obstacles put in your way! Each region gets a taste of our races starting with a Sprint and working up to an Ultra. Courses are uniquely designed to test your mental and emotional fitness and push you past your limits. Our races are muddy, creative, and extreme. They will exhaust you and exhilarate you. For some individuals, it might not sound fun but believe me, once you try an obstacle race you slowly become addicted, wanting more and harder challenges. Here is the story of what happened this weekend at the Spartan Sprint Pennsylvania 2012 at Blue Mountain. I was super excited for this weekend to come because not only was I excited for the race, I was pumped about my ankle being healed and hanging out with a friend who I haven’t seen in awhile. I was also in the best shape I have been for six years. I thought I was going to demolish this race. The funny thing was that the director sent us an email on Thursday warning us that this race was going to one of the hardest Spartan Race they have put on, the race was now five miles plus instead of three. Every obstacle you do not complete, you would be punished to do thirty burpees which I later found out can suck the life out of you. Still, I thought I was going to destroy the course because I had just done a Tough Mudder (an obstacle race that was fourteen miles long, thirty plus obstacles three of those where you are shocked with 10,000 volts of electricity and a half marathon a month before! Boy, was I completely wrong in my judgment! Since being from Philadelphia, the only time I ever go to the mountains or the Poconos is to ski. As we arrive to the parking lot, the mountain looked huge without snow on it and you could see groups of people at the top of the mountain. My buddy Travis and I were shocked. We did not know what we got ourselves into. We met up with a group of guys that were incredible and I feel honored to have met them. One of the individuals inspired the heck out of me and I will talk about more about him later in this article. We registered and then the mental preparedness was on! We stood at the starting line which was opposite of the finish line which is the best part for two reasons, one being that you survived a Spartan race and the other is because you get to run through the Gladiator pit! I was super pumped for this and so was my buddy Travis! The time never seemed to dwindle down to our starting time as it felt like we were stuck in a time glass. When the announcer came on, I was all of the sudden like oh crap, here it comes! He announces that we will be going all the way the top of the mountain, (I raced without my hearing aids because I knew I was going to get wet) Travis relayed this important information to me; I wished at that point that he did not! We take off, going up what seemed to not be a monstrous hill from the start to becoming very monstrous! Most of the runners which I am estimating at five hundred at our wave had to stop running and walk within the first ten minutes of the race! All of us probably did not even make it to the first obstacle without stopping to walk. We stopped to walk because it was a hike up a > 45 degree grassy slippery hill! I was amazed at how much I thought I was in shape and immediately how much I thought I was out of shape for this race. I was never a big hill fan, if you know me; you know I strictly manage to stay on flat ground when I run. Hills kick my ass. They make me better but they always kick my ass. Now I was running up an entire mountain or several hills for most of the race. The race directors are great at playing mental games with you right from the start. Within the first quarter mile, my calves were burning; it felt like they were actually on fire! We get up to a quarter of the mountain and we start going downhill, immediately in my head for some reason thought the worse was over, maybe we had made it to the top well I was wrong again! When we were going downhill on a trail made only to fit one person, and it was steep enough to do a jog at best, then my thighs started to hurt. I was not alone in this feeling, the group I ran with felt this way. When I say steep hills on the trails, my brand new pants are not happy with me because I literally slid down the hill on my butt on several occasions including the one in the quarry. We jumped over six feet walls and I thought it was awesome because I cleared the walls with no problem, was super excited because I thought that was all they had which I later learned during the race that it was not! The first wet obstacle was a two story foot climb on a rope, reminiscence of a high school gym class and was the only thing I did not do well in gym! Needless to say, I tried and did not succeed, the very beginning of lots of burpess was in store for me that day and I did my thirty. Travis, the buddy of mine I mentioned earlier got to the top of the rope, reached up to hit the bell and fell while reaching for the bell smacking the water on a double twist somewhat of a belly flop! He laughed about it and so did I because when he got out of the water, he had mud up his nose! We ran for bit, then started the steep uphill climb again, went through a trail and were met with gravel along with home depot buckets. We had to fill up our buckets with the gravel and then walk up part of the mountain and back down depositing the gravel where we found it. I also had the urge to puke, three times during this one. I tried to lighten up my demise and others by joking that beer was such a bad choice the night before. It was at this point where the never ending mountain climb started and it was brutal. It felt the mountain that was staring above us was tilted more than 45 degrees uphill at certain points, some people crawled, lots of people stopped, other shouted encouragement and I tried as hard as I could to not throw up on others that were below me. What a mind fuck this was. We made it to the top of the mountain exhausted and what an incredible view it was! It was the best part of the race and you felt like you accomplished something, even more so when I found out that the top of the mountain is the highest elevation point in Pennsylvania! We had no idea when that we got to the top of the mountain that we would be spending another forty five minutes climbing up and down a black diamond slope. We ran towards the ski lift on the other side of the mountain and there are sandbags waiting for us, some will say twenty, others will say close to forty pounds but all I can say, it was heavy. I picked the bag up looked at where we were going and saw that we were going down a black diamond slope! I can’t imagine skiing down this mountain now that I seen it without snow and filled with a mix of gravel, dirt and grass nor at this point did I see myself making it down the hill without sliding to the bottom. We got to the bottom and I was cooked, my thighs felt liked they were stabbed with butchers knives. Just looking up to the top of hill and seeing people only making it ten feet before they had to stop was enough to make me want to give up. As we were going up, it was slippery and I had to stop more than ten times, some people laid down and used the sandbags as pillows in the middle of the hills. It took all of the strength I had at the moment I THOUGHT I had. It was indeed another mind fuck as we thought when we have gotten to the top of the mountain the first time that the rest of the race would be downhill. What I realized at the end of this race is how much you can put your body through but it takes tremendous training of the mind to be able to do so!

Below is the picture of the view and yes, it does look more than forty five degrees downhill.

Downhill was steep, some parts were I had to slide down on my butt which must be why my butt is hurting so bad right now. We encountered several Berlin walls; one of them had to be twelve feet in heights, several of them I needed help on. This obstacle seems to be an automatic calf cramp for me. We came across the mud quarter mile, eight trenches of water that we had to climb in and out of us which was probably one of the fun ones. The best one is where we got to go down a large slip and slide estimated by our group to be a steep fifty yards long downhill into a mud pond. That was my favorite obstacle! We had to swim across the pond and out into the trails, next pond we encountered we had to carry down a cinderblock on a chain, into the pond and back up a hill which sucked! Then we had 100 yards of barbwire crawls on gravel and mud with a fire hose squirting full steam of water at us! We had a heavy tire flip which I was unable to do, I think it was close to three hundred pounds, I could be way off but my body was unable to flip it over. Back to burpees I was. Burpees are great exercises but once you do five, your body starts become numb; it is a complete body workout. Then we came to the last of the obstacles, we had the javelin/arrow throw which is awesome. Lot of individuals missed, I somewhat had it easy I guess with all of my previous baseball days. I am glad to see those days worked for something! The finish line was in sight, that is if you could see pass the dark thick smoke of a fire jump. The flames were high; considerably high that I had to jump as high as I could which was something I did not want to do at that point because I was hurting! Then we had to jump into water and climb out of it using a rope to get over a forty five degree wall. It was an amazing sight to see how close to the finish line you were and how freakishly huge the gladiators were. I collected my thoughts and took off full sprint into three gladiators. It happened in a blur and they swung their sticks at me, and I ran through them. I ran hard enough where I managed to injured one of them. For some reason, my body took over and I did a Ray Lewis scream with my arms open wide as I crossed the finish line. I was greeted by great volunteers who handed me a medal and several bananas. I did it and concluded that this race was tougher than the Tough Mudder. I completed the Spartan race in three hours and fifteen minutes which puts my mile pace at 48:36 minutes. My best mile pace is 8:37 which should show you readers the toughness of the course! I looked up my race results and saw that I was 2,730 out of the 7,500 participants that ran that day. A great accomplishment, the winner did it in 59 minutes which is unbelievable in my book. He missed the Olympic trails as a marathon runner which shows me even more the determination and athletic ability that our Olympic athletes have.

The guy in the middle wearing the light gray shirt motivated me to do more. Why? Mike had an accident in his childhood years which caused him to lose feeling to one entire side of his body; he endured numerous surgeries and rehab to gain back his ability to move. I think he told me that in the past couple of years, he has done MULTIPLE Tough Mudders. There were several points of the race where he got behind but he never gave up, I have absolute respect for him and for anyone that does this race. So ask yourself, if you are reading this, have I done all that I can in my life? What more can I accomplish? This guy follows the book of no excuses. He motivated all of us that day and several passersby who I quote said “how is he going to do the race? He can’t even walk! “Well guys, he did and maybe you should too. Find out what is inside of you, you won’t be disappointed, I promise! The great thing about this is that meeting Mike showed me humility; His story showed me that my life is not bad compared to others and I can do more. One more piece of advice, continue to meet others and find out their stories, you might gain a better appreciation of your life. I am glad that I ran into him and the others for I experienced a moment that I will never forget.

A conclusion of this blog, there was several times where my body and mind wanted to quit but every time it did, I immediately went into overdrive to think about how great I will feel when I accomplish this and how I can add this on my list of things that I did. This takes more mental training than physical training. I went from barely able to run one mile in October to conquering the largest mountain in Pennsylvania and as I am writing this, I am thinking to myself what is next? It is a great feeling and I am very overwhelmed in writing all of this, I can’t believe how far I have come. I am looking forward to doing a marathon in November. If anybody wants to join me, please do. If anybody wants weight loss help, motivational issues or has questions, please email me at Some more pictures are below. Thanks and until next time, BA is officially out! The light green area is where we ran, all the way to the top! The AFTERMATH!

Overwhelmed and Happy!