Fat guy does marathon part I

A year ago with everything falling apart in my life. I stood on the scale at 285 pounds. I didn’t tell anyone my weight, they knew I was big and they told me. They often asked how much I weigh, and I told them 245 pounds. A forty pound difference, not only was I lying to myself but I was lying to those who were important around me including Dennis, Brianne and the one girl who really wanted me to change life around.

How much a difference a year really makes, I lost the girl and it may have been the best thing that may have happened to me because it gave me the rock bottom feeling that I needed to clean my life up. I am writing this blog > 80 lbs lighter depending on the scale and day. I finally have the brashness, the confidence and the mental toughness that I used to have as a kid. It feels like I have been born again I guess you can say.

In two days I will be running my first marathon and I have to tell you, I am extremely nervous as well as excited to put a nail on the journey I set for myself when the girl decided to part ways with me. I almost have no idea if I trained hard enough, or if I am going to beat my time of four and half hours. What matters is BA is back and he is living life to the best he can. I am currently drinking beers whenever I want, exercising because I want to and flirting with any girl possible.

I want to thank my family including Brook for her relationship advice – life moves on and you will be okay, my friends including Dennis for being an asshole because he cares and doesn’t give a shit if he upsets me, Myers for running with me or not running with me, letting me be a member of the hatfield homeless for a couple of months, and for making me do the Tough Mudder with you. A huge shout out to the Spartan Races for giving me the thrill of a lifetime when I do the races and making feel like I can put the whole world on my back after I am done the races.

I will be writing about my journey for the next couple of days so stay tuned besides wouldn’t you want to hear if the technically still obese guy who loves food and drinks beer like water doesn’t die from doing a marathon?

Ironman triathlon 2013, this train is not stopping I am coming for you.

Motivation is something you must find everyday.

Share your story so others have the ability to learn. I share my story to make a difference. I hope this helps. I would love questions from my readers.



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